Who am I?

Welcome to my “new” home in cyberspace (Oh, why did that word ever go out of fashion?).

I recently realized I’ve been blogging about stuff since September 2005. My first blog posts were a deliberate mash of German, Danish and English ramblings about all kinds of stuff.. my life, work, friends and family, stuff…
Not much has changed since then. The German blog posts have become rare, I must admit. I still blog in both Danish and English, depending on my mood and the language an idea speaks.

I’m fascinated by beautiful design, art, ideas and people.

I’m not a big complainer, I hate negativeness (is that a word?) and the only things that really make me furious have to do with people destroying other peoples lives. People in too much power, people with too much testosterone (sorry guys), people with guns, people with no heart, people with no brain, people with no compassion for other people… argh!

Positive thoughts (or vibes if you will) usually make my day and I practice them as often as I can. You should try them too… strangely enough they usually make you happy! 😉

In short: this blog is 99% pleasant, happy, beautiful, positive or just simply content with what life has to offer. I hope you can handle that. 😉

Want to find me somewhere else on the internet?

Look for lauramaki on gmail, flickr, skype, twitter etc.

Have a nice day


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