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Werner Herzog eats his shoe

Over thirty years ago, Werner Herzog challenged Errol Morris to shoot his first documentary. Morris had been plagued by non-starts in other creative areas like music and writing, and doubted he had the resources to accomplish the task.

Herzog declared that we would eat his shoes if Errol just made the damn movie. The result was Morris’ Gates of Heaven, a prolific award-winning career for Morris and this documentary short by Les Blank. Part 1 shown above, Part 2 here.
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I <3 Nørrebro

Lately I find myself talking about Nørrebro as if it’s a dangerous place to live…

I don’t think it is, unless you’re are in a gang and think shooting your enemies is a smart idea (or just very very unlucky)! And even though Nørrebro has been in the news many times over the last few years with less than attractive stories about street riots, burning cars, gangs, drug dealers and drive by shootings, I actually feel very safe living here.


Nørrebro by Aaron Bateman on Flickr

I love Nørrebro with it’s crazy mix of people from all over the world, vegetable and grocery stores that are open every day at late hours, young people hanging out on street corners in sofas listening to music from their pimped up street-party-bikes and bums telling you weird stories while you’re trying to buy milk at ALDI’s!

Granted, I live in the middle of a pretty nice and qiuet part of the neighborhood, surrounden by two parks and mostly danish families with children (at least in my street), but I’m sure other people feel the same way as I do. Once you go Nørrebro, you can’t imagine living anywhere else in Copenhagen!

So, what I want to know is: what do you love about Nørrebro?

Photo projects progress

…repeat the title above… fast! hehe

After coming up with the Birthday Project, I surfed around a bit and came across this little project:

And here’s the original Atlanta project:

And I decided to do one myself… nothing to see yet, apart from this very colorful patched up single use camera:

Collecting Strangers
This is me after collecting today’s badge of strangers (on film).

Yesterday I left this single use camera on a bench in Kongens Have (just next to Rosenborg) for just 2 hours or so, with a message asking people to have fun with it and take some pictures. 3-4 people did (it’s hard to tell from the counter). Then this afternoon I left it on a bench in Nørrebro Parken… Six exposures left. Guess I will have to find a third location tomorrow. Any suggestions?

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HAL for iPhone

Wuuuhuuu… needless to say, I’m sooo gonna download it for my iPod touch…


Since I moved “house” recently, I thought I’ld revise my “about” page.

Welcome to my “new” home in cyberspace (Oh, why did that word ever go out of fashion?).

I recently realized I’ve been blogging about stuff since September 2005. My first blog posts were a deliberate mash of German, Danish and English ramblings about all kinds of stuff.. my life, work, friends and family, stuff…
Not much has changed since then. The German blog posts have become rare, I must admit. I still blog in both Danish and English, depending on my mood and the language an idea speaks.

I’m fascinated by beautiful design, art, ideas and people.

I’m not a big complainer, I hate negativeness (is that a word?) and the only things that really make me furious have to do with people destroying other peoples lives. People in too much power, people with too much testosterone (sorry guys), people with guns, people with no heart, people with no brain, people with no compassion for other people… argh!

Positive thoughts (or vibes if you will) usually make my day and I practice them as often as I can. You should try them too… strangely enough they usually make you happy! 😉

In short: this blog is 99% pleasant, happy, beautiful, positive or just simply content with what life has to offer. I hope you can handle that. 😉

Want to find me somewhere else on the internet?

Look for lauramaki on gmail, flickr, skype, twitter etc.

Have a nice day”

Btw, If you want to give me a “housewarming” gift, please share something in the comments… preferably something beautiful! 🙂