Monthly Archives: June 2006

Tiny festival girl!

I’m not the only one enjoying music festivals in our family!

She need’s some funky sunglasses though! 😉

Btw you’ll have to be logged in to your msn account to see the pictures, I couldn’t be bothered to upload them! Sorry


Another short one

I’m done!

2 down, 1 and a half to go…


Haha I like this one, it’s a bit tiny but you’ll manage…

I took it from Henriette Webers blog!



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh…. 6 pages to go!

Does any one have a Roskilde ticket left for my friend? I really wanted her to join me for a week of fine music and muddddd, but she didn’t buy the ticket in time, so now they are sold out… bummer!



Can’t wait to see this!

Edit:A bird just shat on my foot! 😮


The Masterplan

So here is what we need to do today:

The picture represents less than 1/4 of the essay… today is our last day of effective writing, so should probably shape up a bit!

I’m not really worried though! I’m worried about the next 3 essays I’ll have to finish, by the end of this month!

Well… back to work!



Had a fun dinner with these people:

Henriette, has a curly head and a curly mind! 😀
Marie, doesn’t believe in aerodynamics, but loves her pilot!
Michael, the “host” and non-stop entertainment-machine!
Thomas, had never been to Eydes before!
Sabina and Katrine were geeking about fashion and drinking irish coffee (as did I – ie the coffee bit)!
Morten loves Barbara Streisand and the Bee Gees!
René was taking pictures with his phone (everyone else had cameras with extreeeeemely bright flashes)!
Anders left early to meet some geekier geeks, but kindly let me crash on his couch!

I saw 20 minutes of Bringing out the Dead before falling asleep! I need to watch it again sometime! Weird movie! 😀

We had breakfast under an apple tree!

Edit: Ah yes, and my new name is Kiralala Fly! 😉


So this is University?

These are the perfect surroundings for me to work in:
A shady bar in the redlight-district of town!


Things are getting dusty… I’m going digital!

I have a somewhat peculiar collection of cameras!

My Lovely Lomos

hmmm… my Holga is missing, I wonder where I put her?

My Crispy Polaroid

My 8mm Soundless Monster

And My Kickass Minolta

They also have two digital cousins, but video cameras aren’t made for taking photos!
All I need now is a slim hardworking digital photographing brother for my little darlings!

Let me rephrase that: All I need to do now is to rob a bank!


Garantied to blow your mind

Sooo… everything is going fine!

I’m actually quite surprised on how well we’ve been working on this essay so far!
3 days work and we’ve probably written half of it already! Tomorrow we will get on with the analyzing bit, which usually is the easy part – let’s see how it all ends… Right now I’m pretty optimistic! Which means I don’t have to feel bad about taking friday off and joining the Geeks in Odense for dinner (shrimp cocktail and spare ribs… hmmm…)! Heh, it’s gonna be fun! 😀


Status: Udlånt. Ventetid: 9-10 måneder

Busy busy busy…
I’ll post a picture of the masterplan later! 😉