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Secret music

If you get the chance, go see The Ondt and the Gracehoper at Loppen tonight! The Music is a great mixture of indie and electronica, melancholic to the bones and perfect for dreaming your way out of too many things to do all the time! So I’m definitely going – If I can keep myself awake after staying up all night finishing my last exam before the new semester begins!
Also it appears all my friends have disappeared while I was busy working – everyone is busy or out of town!
I NEED HUMAN COMPANY, so please drop by tonight and help me restore my sanity!

It would probably make Troels happy as well…

Oh right – and from next week I will have a new flat mate. A german hippie-type jazz drummer called Wieland – does it get any weirder? At least we can drive Mikael crazy by talking german behind his back! Muahahaaaa

I have melancholic music stuck in my head… it won’t leave… I think The Ondt and the Gracehoper will have to replace Adore from the top of my all time fav melancholic list (it’s been there for a long time so that’s really something)!!!! Another guy to make me cry… hmm… that didn’t sound right! Haha
To make it sound even sadder – I was entertained by the bartender most of the evening (well… he’s an old friend of mine and I got free beer and coffee so that’s actually ok…)


The Cool List

My flatmate and the other guys from SURFACT are now officially on the cool list of the danish music scene! Record deal and lots of money to promote their new album! They worked really hard for it – so congrats boys, you deserve it! 😀


Back to business – killing trees

Monday I started work again. It included checking a lot of names, addresses and plotting in data. I also destroyed a complete rain forest by writing letters to 118 broadcasters around Europe and thereby being responsible for destroying another one, by asking them to get back to me within two weeks.
So in two weeks I’m going to have to go through a pile of dead trees to be able to edit a catalog, which again will produce a lot of dead wood (8000 x 140 pages)!

I feel guilty! 😦

Fortunately it will also become available on line – that might save some trees in the future…


A short one…

I seem to spend most of my time at B&J these days, drinking coffee with this charming lady and working on yet another exam…

And because I should probably continue reading or writing on it right now, I’m just going to share another link with you. It’s been around for a while, so consequently it’s great fun to browse around and discover oddities from past years!



For all you creative people out there:



Pants on Fire

Kristin and I went to Brandalarm yesterday – a charity event for a burned down studio in Copenhagen!


We spent most of the night taking pictures of guys with tucked-in shirts…

Warning! The following may cause nausea…


Where did the Sun go?

So much to tell, so little time!

I went baby-spotting with Anne and Mette on a Sunday! Little Kamma is a tiny but healthy Baby with an enormous appetite! I was very impressed!

Sündja was supposed to arrive in the evening but got stuck on a campsite in Farum, because their car broke down… then another car broke down, so I had to wait for the next day to treat her with a huge brunch at B&J!

We went on a guided tour around the canals in Copenhagen! One of my friends works there and arranged for us to get on the boat for free! The perfect way to see all of Copenhagen without hurting your feet too much!

Paul came by again friday night after we both attended different concerts! I met Casper’s girlfriend and talked to his brother, Casper and co were on stage (a very tiny stage I may add! ;)! All in all a very enjoyable evening!

Monday I listened to The Dears with Kristina who came over from Århus! (She used to babysit for them, when she was in Canada)! The concert was one big surprise and I’m definitely going to buy their new album – as soon as it comes out! We went to McKluuds after wards and invited the band to join us – and got soaked on the way!! Yay! What a fun week!

From now on it’s going to be all work and no fun (well another concert tonight at Vega, but from tomorrow then…)
My shoulder is already giving me a hard time, but if we can manage another 11 – I’ll just chop it off after wards! 😉

That was it for now…



My contribution to last year’s Video Clip Cup has been uploaded to the festival website!

Click on the picture above to download the avi file (including all jump cuts and baaaad sound!)
This is what they wrote about it!

You can find the other winners on the Festival website

Time flies…


Friends August

This month is going to be sooooo packed!
Sündja is staying in Copenhagen from Sunday to Thursday, I’m going to share her with Anne, which is going to be just like in the old days – except Sündja is now pregnant, and we don’t hide in the attic with 3 different flavous of underground ice creme, skip out to sea in canoes or go horseback riding (or in my case horsearse riding ;)! Wow, that’s a long time ago…
Next friday Paul is visiting and staying until sunday! I might try to challenge his fear of heights again… all though he will probably hate me for it!

Odense Film Festival starts the week after and I’m probably going to visit my collaegue who is the director and go to some fancy festival dinner party or something… Monday and tuesday after that I’m working… thursday or friday my brother is visiting… friday I’ve invited him to Massive Attack, Cardigans, Under Byen and Spleen United (WOW what a combination!!) at Forum for his birthday! Between all that, I’m writing another exam with Kristin who leaves for Norway on the 26th… So I’m busy – but in a good way mostly!



Geek and Swedes

Her kommer en lille (foto tung) blog om weekendens begivenheder:

Foto Henriette WA

Fredag var der atter CPHGeekDinner! Det var forrygende sjovt (helt som forventet), maden overgik alle forventninger og varmen var næsten uudholdelig! Til gengæld fik vi en masse sjove billeder ud af det!
Mit kamera blev først taget i brug på Sørens Værtshus hvor vi endte senere!

Mere Flickr…

Henriette og Henriette fortæller udførligt om aftenens begivenheder…

Så var det Malmö

Lørdag morgen efter 1,5 times søvn rullede jeg ind til hovedbanen, hvor jeg opdagede at jeg var en HEL TIME for tidligt på den!… Nå men pyt! Det blev til noget tømmermændsmorgenmad og en tiltrængt kop kaffe, før Paul dukkede op (med lige så store tømmermænd og lige så lidt søvn i bagagen! Afsted til Malmö…

Vi vandrede rundt i Malmö på må og få, blandt andet på jagt efter et tiltrængt sted at sove…

Vi fandt et torv med arabisk inspirerede siddepodier, musik og andet gøgl!
Den elektronisk lydkulisse var dog lidt for meget for Pauls stakkel trætte hoved… Jeg tror jeg ku ha sovet hvor som helst…

Vi fik dog både vandret Malmö tyndt, shoppet ungt designer gut og dyppet føderne andemad, før vi besluttede at finde et hotel at crashe på!

Folkets Park viste sig at være en god opdagelse, så vi spacerede derned efter aftensmaden og en tur i Parken og hørte noget gakket svensk livemusik! 🙂 De er skøre de svenskere…

Dagen efter fik vi både kigget på reptiler, døde mus og sjove små åber…

Afprøvet Pauls højdeskræk…

Og forberedt os til en tur i biffen til SUPERMAN! (Ved at lege spiderman… høhø)

Se flere billeder fra turen på Flickr