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Great women!

How can it be that so many women feel so inadequate, unattractive, uninteresting, unfit for healthy relationships, incapable of greatness and the worst of all: unworthy of their own and other people’s love?

I just don’t get it, because out of the many many women I know, I frankly couldn’t apply ANY of the above to ANY of them! And it makes me so mad, that the other day I actually ended up in a (drunk, surprise surprise) argument, that in essence went something like this: you are a amazing, attractive, intelligent, fun to be around woman, there’s definitely a hot guy out there, who will ask you to dance if you only give him the chance.
Her answer: no there isn’t! No one ever wants to dance with me. period.

It literally made me cry because I was so angry! I knew she was wrong and she’s got this one stubborn thought in her head, that stops her from getting what she wants.

I know it’s easy to say and unfair to expect someone to change their image of themselves from one day to another (the deranged ideal idea of woman constructed by the media is sure as hell not helping), but to keep telling yourself that you are not worthy to be loved is just… plain self destructive and so so wrong!

And because she’s not the only one who does it and everyone needs a reminder from time to time about how great they are, I’ve decided to make it a habit to tell you, my dear friend, that you are awesome, unique, sexy, smart, fun, inspiring, strong, a fantastic friend and you deserve all that you want out of life. So go and get it! (and that goes for you too!!

Have a great Monday!

Oh and I’ve been a bad bad girl and lifted the image above from here (just couldn’t help myself), go buy the book so I don’t have to feel so guilty! 😉

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The Afghan Box Camera Project

What an amazing project! I could spend hours going through the photos in their gallery! 🙂 Makes me want to bring out my brownie and start taking pictures with it again! (just need to make a portable darkroom first! 😉

The Afghan Box Camera is a simple box-shaped wooden camera traditionally used by photographers working from a street pitch, who produce, by-and-large, instant identity portraits (akhs: عکس) for their clients. In Dari the camera is known as kamra-e-faoree ().which means ‘instant camera’. It’s also less frequently called kamra-e-faoree-e-chobi (instant wooden camera) or kamra-e-chobi (wooden camera).

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DIY: Last minute Valentine’s Hearts

I’ve had this pretty project on my diy to-do list for a while, ever since I found a link to this tutorial. The original plan was to take down the froebel stars that have been looking pretty in my window since December. But then I thought these translucent crayon hearts would look even prettier back-lit in one of my light boxes. Hanging them in your window is a great option too though. Just check out the pictures here.

All you need:

Crayons in the colors you like. I used 4 redish colors.
A pencil sharpener or small knife.
Waxed paper (I used white (florist) wrapping paper, but you can use the kitchen kind as well).
A hot iron.
Newspaper or old cloth to prevent the greasy colors to bleed through.

Follow the tutorial, enjoy!

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Lovely ladies

Oh jeez, I did it again! Sorry for not updating every week as promised, time is passing so quickly these days!

Here are some lovely advanced ladies, to make up for the wait! I want to be just like them when I grow up! Aren’t they just amazing?


DIY: Geometric Shapes

One of my favorite Finnish design blogs at the moment is weekday carnival by photographer, stylist and product designer Riikka Kantinkoski. A while ago she posted a free to print template for geometric paper shapes. While her powdery pastel color theme is very purty, I’m more into KAPOW!!! colors myself. My printer also entirely messed up the colors, so I decided to use the template on some colorful craft paper instead.

Here’s what you need:
Riikka’s shape template (follow the link, click on the image, then right-click to save to desktop)
A printer (or a ruler, a circle compass and a bit of patience)
Paper (any paper really, I’m sure these would look pretty made of patterned paper as well), the thicker the paper, the sturdier the shape.
Glue stick or double sided tape (I prefer the tape, because then you don’t have to hold the paper in place until the glue dries)
Water-based glossy lacquer (this is optional, but I think it looks really nice and reinforces the shape)

Now, print out your shape template, cut around it, stick it to your paper (loosely tape it in place in 2-3 spots so it doesn’t move around), cut along the lines through both paper and template. Remove the template and start folding away. Don’t throw away the template, you might want to use it again and it’s nice to have as a folding guide.

I stuck strips of double sided tape to all the sides that didn’t have a glue flap (kinda backwards I know, but it all comes to the same result). I wanted to hang my shapes, so before I started sticking the sides together I attached a piece a string to the inside. (no picture, sorry).

The last last flap was a bit hard to get to stick, so I used the length of a needle to push it in place through one of the corners.

After that, all that was left to do was to add a bit of shine, let it dry and repeat until I liked the result.

I am already getting ideas on how to use these for other projects… so stay tuned and start making your own shapes!


DIY: Gold button bobby pins

So I’ve decided to do one of those ‘one-a-week’ diy projects in 2012. Both to make myself blog more, but also to make me make more. Win win, right?

Just before Christmas I kinda went a little crazy at a second hand shop and bought tons of gold buttons. Yesterday I finally dug them out from the drawer they were hiding in and decided to make some nice and simple hair accessories. These look so festive I might just make a ton of these for my own wedding!

What you need:

A couple of nice looking buttons. They don’t have to be gold, any color or color is fine, really. The ones I found though, all had a little loop on the back to sew them on instead of the usual 2 or 4 holes.

Bobby pins. (I always have a couple at the bottom of my purse or in my jewelry boxes, which is literally where found these, so they look a bit beaten up.) Mine are black to match my hair color.

I used purple thread, because that was closest at hand. You don’t really see the thread anyway, but if you want to make sure, use a color similar to your hair, button or pin.

Optional: a bit of glue to secure the thread and prevent the button from moving around the pin.

This really couldn’t be simpler to make and the result is really nice so go ahead and make your own.

1. Tie the button to the loop end of the pin with a couple of stitches and knots. Repeat in two or three angles so the button doesn’t move around too much.

2. If you feel that it’s still too loose, you can add a few drops of glue to keep the thread in place. Leave to dry.

3. Add your brand new jewelry to hairdo and voilà! You are done!

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The Birthday Project

Guys, I need your help. I’ve come up with this lovely idea that I’m really excited about. And I’ve decided to make up a pretend dialog to explain it to you. (I’m being silly because it’s 2.30 am and I’m really tired. So please bear with me!)Balloon Girl by Jek in the Box on Flickr

Great, so what is the big idea? I want to create this really beautiful birthday calendar with pictures of 365 people, one for each day.

Ok? So what can I do to help? On the day of you birthday, you will find a public photo booth and take a set of pictures of yourself.

Sounds easy enough, is that all? Well yes, it’s quite simple really. You, in a booth, on your birthday.

What do I do whith the photos I’ve taken? You’ll put them in an envelope, together with your name, birthday and postal address (for the thank you note) and send them to me, easy peasy (you’ll find the address below).

Do you want me to do anything special in the pictures, wear a sombrero? What you make of it is up to you, as long as it reflects your personality.

So I can do whatever I want with it? Yes that’s the idea. Keep it simple, be creative. Do black/white or full color. Be mysterious and lonely or bring your entire birthday party.

Anything else I need to know? Yes this is the IMPORTANT part: ONE of the 4 photos has to be of you ALONE, i.e. you may include your mom, your dog, your best friends, a complete stranger, the mail man, your sweet heart, a homeless person, your neighbor etc. in 3 OUT OF 4 photos, but I want at least ONE photo with NO ONE BUT YOU in the frame.

What if I’m rrrreally broke and can’t afford to use the photobooth, but still want to be part of the project? Send me an email and we will figure something out.

What will happen then? By sending me your photo booth portraits you agree to give me the full rights to publish/exhibit them in any shape or form, digital or printed, free of charge. I in return promise to keep all submitted photos unaltered, apart from the regular photo processing adjustments (i.e. tinting, saturation, contrasts, resizing, cropping etc.). You also agree that your birthday, first name and location may be published together with your picture. (Please let me know if you for some reason do not want me to publish that information).

That sounded a bit like legal mumbo jumbo to me. It just means I will not give you any money for your photos or your participation and that you agree to let me use your photo for anything “Birthday Project” related.

Day 222 - Pono's Photo Booth by lintmachineWhat if I want a copy of my own photo? You are welcome to keep a copy of your photos for your own use (I will also be able to send you a digital scan if you can’t do it yourself). I will however need the original photo for the project.

What if I want a copy of the finished Birthday Calendar? Once it’s done you will be able to purchase the Birthday Calendar for the production price. All submitters to the Birthday Project will receive a limited edition thank you card with a personal greeting, regardless of purchase.

Is there anything else I can do? Since the project is self funded I welcome all donations big or small to pay for photo booth fees and shipment, as well as the production of the book/calendar or prints. Please email me for Bank information.

What if I’m totally confused and need more information? Please feel free to email me with all your questions.

Great I’m in. Thank you very much.

Oh, wait. My birthday is in 8 month, I’m sure to forget about this until then, what do I do? Email me with your birth date and I’ll remind you a week before the big day.

This is where the photos go -> Laura Kiralfy, Husumgade 27, 4., 2200 København N, Denmark

Photos used on this page by Jek in the Box and lintmachine on Flickr – some rights reserved

So tell me, what do you think?

Next generation fun!

I wish I was a kid… or a game designer! Little Big Planet uses collaboration, real physics and costumization as part of game play, including actually building the game yourself! Pretty neat!

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Thank you etsy for being down

The etsy podcastsThe etsy website is down for maintenance, which actually made me watch their vodcast… super inspiring! Especially love the “Handmade Portraits”!

Edit: Wow this is such a lovely story . two artists meeting online, one in new york one in israel . now they are married and work together… this just oozes loooove! 🙂 Makes me happy!