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Great women!

How can it be that so many women feel so inadequate, unattractive, uninteresting, unfit for healthy relationships, incapable of greatness and the worst of all: unworthy of their own and other people’s love?

I just don’t get it, because out of the many many women I know, I frankly couldn’t apply ANY of the above to ANY of them! And it makes me so mad, that the other day I actually ended up in a (drunk, surprise surprise) argument, that in essence went something like this: you are a amazing, attractive, intelligent, fun to be around woman, there’s definitely a hot guy out there, who will ask you to dance if you only give him the chance.
Her answer: no there isn’t! No one ever wants to dance with me. period.

It literally made me cry because I was so angry! I knew she was wrong and she’s got this one stubborn thought in her head, that stops her from getting what she wants.

I know it’s easy to say and unfair to expect someone to change their image of themselves from one day to another (the deranged ideal idea of woman constructed by the media is sure as hell not helping), but to keep telling yourself that you are not worthy to be loved is just… plain self destructive and so so wrong!

And because she’s not the only one who does it and everyone needs a reminder from time to time about how great they are, I’ve decided to make it a habit to tell you, my dear friend, that you are awesome, unique, sexy, smart, fun, inspiring, strong, a fantastic friend and you deserve all that you want out of life. So go and get it! (and that goes for you too!!

Have a great Monday!

Oh and I’ve been a bad bad girl and lifted the image above from here (just couldn’t help myself), go buy the book so I don’t have to feel so guilty! 😉

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The Afghan Box Camera Project

What an amazing project! I could spend hours going through the photos in their gallery! 🙂 Makes me want to bring out my brownie and start taking pictures with it again! (just need to make a portable darkroom first! 😉

The Afghan Box Camera is a simple box-shaped wooden camera traditionally used by photographers working from a street pitch, who produce, by-and-large, instant identity portraits (akhs: عکس) for their clients. In Dari the camera is known as kamra-e-faoree ().which means ‘instant camera’. It’s also less frequently called kamra-e-faoree-e-chobi (instant wooden camera) or kamra-e-chobi (wooden camera).

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Confessions of a piece of (entirely) fresh Roller Derby meat

Something I never thought I would actually end up doing, and have always been equally fascinated and terrified by, has snuck itself into my life.

Sometime in January a friend of a friend asked me if I would be interested in joining her for a roller derby ‘fresh meat’ introduction weekend. I said yes, even though my skating skills are none existent and I usually try hard to avoid putting myself in harm’s way. I already felt the adrenaline rush and I hadn’t even signed up yet.

I do have a faint memory from my childhood of a pair of roller skates, which could be adjusted in size and strapped on to my sneakers. I’m not sure how much time I actually spent rolling up and down the sidewalk in front of our house, but it can’t have been much, because I never got the hang of it and have always been convinced it just wasn’t meant for me.
Some time in high school I got a pair of roller blades and my best friend tried to teach me, but again, I gave up before I had even given it a chance. Add 2-3 times on the ice and that’s all I’ve ever been using my rolling skills.

Forward almost twenty years and I find myself trying hard to stay on my feet while being pushed around a sports hall at mind-boggling speeds and trying to avoid landing on my knees, which by now have already turned into beaten up roast beef.

Roller Derby is a contact sport on wheels, with rather complicated rules and a can-do ‘girl power’ attitude. So far I’m enjoying everything (apart from the fact that I suck big time) and I get a kick out of conquering my fears and keep getting back on the wheels even though I fall constantly. (So far my back, tail bone, knees and thumb have suffered from this new obsession). My fiancé is so enthusiastic about it that he sponsored my skating equipment. (How awesome is he?!)

I think what makes it work for me, is that I suck at it now, but I can see that if I stick to it and keep showing up, I will eventually get the hang of it. It also helps that people around me are really inspiring, encouraging and keep cheering me on, even though I constantly need extra instructions in English and have no idea what I’m doing.

I’ve always lived by the Woody Allen quote: Eighty percent of success is showing up. But I think I’ll add another mantra for 2012: the more you fall, the more you learn.

So thanks everybody. I’ll keep applying the pain relief cream…

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Lovely ladies

Oh jeez, I did it again! Sorry for not updating every week as promised, time is passing so quickly these days!

Here are some lovely advanced ladies, to make up for the wait! I want to be just like them when I grow up! Aren’t they just amazing?


Trying hard to kick butt

Sorry for not updating in a while! 2012 has brought me a couple of new (and old) projects that have taken over my time.

I’m trying to finish the Kovasikajuttu/The Punk Syndrome website, while DocPoint is still going on!

On Thursday I’m going to try my darndest to get people out of their little cocoons to connect with people around them and talk about Documentary storytelling in transmedia at Docpoint Encounters. By the way: you should join us if you are even vaguely interested. We have great speakers and lots of room for crossdisciplinary conversation, go check it out! Just show up, smile at the lovely lady at the registration desk and give her your name and email and you’re all set! Thursday 26 January, 9:30-17:00 at Ateneum sali.

And now to something completely different: my oh my… I just took part in Kallio Rolling Rainbows‘ fresh meat roller derby weekend and I think I found myself the most unlikely wonderful hobby for a skating imbecile like myself. I wasn’t able to follow through all of the programme, because i was both physically and mentally exhausted at the end of both days, my entire body is aching like hell, but I love it! So I guess my next paycheck will go to a set of roller skates and tons of protective gear. Wish me luck!

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My life on film

I know I’m old school… but look at these babies! Aren’t they cute?

Can’t wait to see what’s actually on them… have no clue about half of the roles! 😉

Stay tuned!


HAL for iPhone

Wuuuhuuu… needless to say, I’m sooo gonna download it for my iPod touch…

Kraftwerk webwerk

Mensch MachineLast week I mentioned, which is quite an interesting site, full of weird navigation, videos, projects and lots of other things you wouldn’t expect to find (like a webshop for the David Lynch Coffee Brand.

Yesterday Sami pointed me towards the Kraftwerk website… wow, total navigation hell and definitively another piece of interesting “website art”. Check it out and while you’re at it you could start looking forward to seeing them live in a town near you:

13.Aug.2009 20:00
15.Aug.2009 20:00
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