DIY: Wall stickers (part one)

This DIY post just caught me by surprise. I was going to tell you about a project I did a couple of years ago and then mid sentence a new idea arrived.

What do you do if you want to decorate your boring white walls with photos of friends and family, but they are as hard as Chuck (he’s bullet proof, alright)? Since you don’t want to battle with a drill and the shoulder pains that come with every hole you make to hang each frame, you start thinking in alternatives.

First I stole some friends’ rather neat idea and I made Sami put up a picture hanging system. That way we only had to drill 3 or 4 holes in our terrible concrete wall. It’s now up and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to hang things… it’s a work in progress. It’s also not a perfect solution, since you can’t move the system to a different wall without drilling more holes.

Which brings me to my little epiphany or rather to where this post started:

While in Copenhagen I always lived in sublet rooms and never felt like drilling holes in the walls to hang things, so usually I just used sticky tack on photos or postcards and made my own wall stickers.

All you need for making them is a roll of self-adhesive shelf paper/liner, a pair of scissors and a design. The vinyl liner comes in all kinds of crazy colors, patterns and with or without structure (snake skin, disco glitter and mirror effects to name a few). I found these in a knickknack store on Nørrebro (HobbyPoint sells a similar product here in Finland).

When I first played around with the wall stickers, I went for simple letters, like the one in the picture above, which is still one of my favorite creations. I also made wall sticker cup cakes for the birthday of a baking-genius friend of mine. And then today I got a brand new idea! Drum roll please…

Wall sticker photo frames!!!

I’ve only tried out the idea on a small passport sized photo so far, but it looks like I will soon have to post DIY: Wall stickers (part two), don’t you think?

PS: I wouldn’t try out the stickers on wallpapered walls, not so much because they might damage the paper, but they will probably fall off way too easily). I’ve had no problems making them stick or remove them from painted or lacquered surfaces. Try it out on a little patch of your surface first if you are in doubt.


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