On top of a dune…

My lovely boyfriend proposed to me on Christmas, which is kinda surreal, since up until then I really had no idea if that would ever happen.

Do you know that kind of serious conversation, where you accidentally say something you immediately regret, but you can’t figure out how to take it back? Well we had that kind of conversation a while ago, about marriage etc. and he told me how he doesn’t really see the need for marriage, asking me how I felt. And while on one hand I can see how it’s not necessary for every one to get married, I felt in my guts that I did want to be married, to him. Unfortunately, what came out was more like “nah, I guess I’m ok with that”. Cursing my harmony seeking tendencies straight away.

Oh well, but you see how it ended up being quite a bit of a surprise, when, on the top of a dune not far from where I spend many summer vacations as a child, he asked me (in Danish, brave man) if I would marry him. Needless to say, I said yes.

It’s really comforting to know that my future husband is capable of seeing right through me, even though I sometimes manage to sabotage myself by not expressing how I actually feel. That’s the kinda guy I’m marrying, and it’s feeling good.


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