Photo projects progress

…repeat the title above… fast! hehe

After coming up with the Birthday Project, I surfed around a bit and came across this little project:

And here’s the original Atlanta project:

And I decided to do one myself… nothing to see yet, apart from this very colorful patched up single use camera:

Collecting Strangers
This is me after collecting today’s badge of strangers (on film).

Yesterday I left this single use camera on a bench in Kongens Have (just next to Rosenborg) for just 2 hours or so, with a message asking people to have fun with it and take some pictures. 3-4 people did (it’s hard to tell from the counter). Then this afternoon I left it on a bench in Nørrebro Parken… Six exposures left. Guess I will have to find a third location tomorrow. Any suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “Photo projects progress

  1. Henriette says:

    Is now dead because of tongue-tie..
    Thanks a lot

    (looking forward to seeing the pics!)

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