Time flies…

Just a little piece of old news on the side before we get to the good stuff… Scientists prove time flies when you're busy!

I'm beginning to get into the CPH:DOX mode, ie: watching a lot of screenings (mostly DVD's at home though), going to concerts and standing on street corners distributing festival progammes and stickers (and making sure all my friends know! 😉

(…and I'm definitely going to get one of those “return of the real” posters with the doll face for my wall…)

Those of you who want to see me in CPH:DOX action should buy tickets for Vesterbro on Friday 22:30 at Empire or Lynch on Saturday 16:30 at Grand. I am moderating the Q&A sessions for both films, which is kind of exciting…

Last but not least I'm going to host the Sound & Vision jury, which is going to be so much fun! Lots of great films to watch there, I'm halfway through with them now and have probably already picked my favorites! 🙂

The “kom some én der er død”/”dress killed” party was real fun! Henriette was the one hosting it, but it ended up being mostly my friends attending (which was quite alright, since they are really nice people, at least I think so! 😉 I don't understand why people prefer going on trips to Japan, the Caribbean and Nørre Snede, when they could be going to a fancy dress party instead! Tsk tsk…

I see dead people

We ended the evening by going dancing at Stengade. Too much great music to dance to, but I had to go home “early” since I had to get up “early” the next day!

Which brings me to this little fantastic girl who was in love with my iPod for a while there! 😉
Cover your ears she said...)Dancing to... ?Oh my god, weird music!

In other news: I've just landed a great part time job, I'm studying to write my exams on viral marketing, I'm going to school to try to brush up my French, I have lots of different pizza flavors to chose from (hint hint Henriette) and life is generally busy and good!


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