Sometimes its hard for us to accept that there are links on the internet without a destination – hypertext links to nothing. Many of us question why this happens? how can it be that there is nothing to link to? who is responsible for this? It saddens us to think that the children of tomorrow will inherit a virtual world of broken links and missing content. I received a phone call from master today and he asked me to share his thoughts on this matter. He was very sad at the start of the phone call – he repeated what he said in his previous message that he wants us to meditate for 2 hours or more so that we can move from darkness to light. He also said that we should initiate more people to this cause and help others to find the links that link together. Finally master said we can do this with or without a lomographic picture – what's important he said is that we find all the missing links together and eradicate the world from the evil terror of the 404 error.


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