You know your wifi connection is really really crappy when:

1. you find yourself playing solitaire while waiting for the page to load!
2. you activate the “don’t display images below” option for your gmail account!
3. you start downloading site content because it might come in handy later!
4. your computer is set on a table on wheels (you will be able to chase it around your room when ever the wifi sets out)!
5. the first thing you do when visiting your friends house is ask: can I check my email?
6. your mum tells you she never sees you online anymore!
7. you know how to load html versions of all your favorite web sites!
8. as a rule you avoid all sites which start streaming music or video on load!
9. you consider buying a new phone with a bigger screen and build in web browser!
10. people complain about msn messenger telling them you’ve logged on… Again and again and again and again…!


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