CPH:DOX update

Ay ay ay… everything (except my legs) hurts! I’m at Kristin’s place drinking delicious instant cocoa (for my hurting throat)…

I promised you all a proper update about the CPH:DOX week, so here it comes:

I’m glad I agreed to take the job, although it “only” paid two meals a day (in very nice restaurants) and a bunch of free tickets.
I was hostess/secretary for the CPH:DOX Amnesty Award Jury, which consisted of Canadian festival programmer Sean Farnel (HotDocs), Czech festival programmer Helena Zachikova (One World – Human Rights Festival), Swedish producer Hanna Heilborn (Story) and Danish producer Mette Heide (Team Productions). They were a very nice group and easy to please. Helena told me afterwards she felt like a little family, Sean borrowed my old mobile phone to bring with him to idfa, I met Hanna’s 5 year old son and her mother, and I finally got to talk to my friend Mette Heide’s name sister! 😉

At the beginning of the festival I mostly picked up film directors, jury members and other invited guests at the airport. I also fed my own jury family, ran for dvd copies of the films that didn’t screen well, printet fligth tickets, made reservations for other film screenings than our own, took them out with the other guests in the evening to eat and meet, bought a danish prepaid SIM-card, moderated a Q&A with Andreas Møl Dalsgaard about Afghan Muscles and also managed to end up moderating the Q&A for the winning Film Black Sun… with a blind man answering half the questions and the Utzon family sitting in the front row and everything! Haha
I talked to Jørn Utzon, took Gary Tarn out for dinner on Sunday (which was really of interesting) and met Asger Leth (I must say I liked Ghosts of Cité Soleil more than I like him)! 😉

After a week of developing my networking skills (oh yes) and learning how to play Kraftwerk’s “The Model” on recorder, I probably also found a new friend or two! Which is a very nice side effect! 😉

My bosses keep telling me how great I was and how much my jury loved me – YES! ;D
I loved them too – hire me again next year please!


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