Time for a proper update…

Pew, where to begin?

I’ve been moving stuff all day, from my old place to my new place, which isn’t my place until Friday… so right now I’m pretty much homeless… well not really, I’m crashing at Kristin‘s tonight and going to a concert with friends tomorrow, so it’s taken care of…

Sailor boy and I got up early to pick up the rented car. We managed to load the car, drive it to Emdrup and get back to Valby in time for his work to begin – all though I have A LOT of STUFF!!!! Kamma and her friend, invited me for lunch and helped me unload the car some hours later! Which was great – don’t know how we would have managed without Sunes help. I’m going to buy them a lot of beers tomorrow – in gratitude! I realized, while my legs have no problems running up and down stairs all day, my arms can’t lift a thing! Maybe I should work on that… hmmm

When I got back to my old place to pick up my overnight bags, I took the back stairs down, slipped and fell hard on my lower back and arm! Ouch! Some idiot had spilled something on the stairs and didn’t bother to wipe it up – it did not help that the lights had gone out on that exact floor!
Now my body hurts even more than it would have anyway.. yay!

One of my best and oldest friends back home just had a baby girl! She is healthy (her parents happy) and called Birka Johanna, which is perfect!
Her dad left a message on my voicemail yesterday, sounding a bit tired! Hehe 😉
5 minutes after the call my other friend from back home called – she was moved to tears and couldn’t stop crying! It was so sweet and reminded me of when Sündja told me she was pregnant in the first place! I was so happy for her I just started crying and laughing at the same time! I think she was very thankful for my positive reaction – most other people she told at the time, where more worried than happy.

Can’t wait to go back home and meet my youngest “niece”! 😀

I miss my mum’s bath tub right now..

I’m going to tell more about CPH:DOX next time… to… exhausted… really…


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