Wow, Iceland is a fascinating country, Icelanders are fascinating people and I want to go back right now! But I knew that before I left…

I had a great weekend with work (a seminar for documentary producers IN the Blue Lagoon), the Reykjavik International Film Festival and the best ex flat mate ever!
I had so much fun with my darling Tinna Tussa 😉 and I danced all night until my hair went flat with sweat! 😉 hehe, kidding – my hair never goes flat!

The next night we went to see “Direktøren for det hele” (Lars von Trier’s Comedy, with Icelandic and Danish actors)! An unforgettable experience! Since I was actually sitting in the middle of an Icelandic audience, I was always laughing 2 sec before every one else! After the film we were invited to the Film Festival After Party (they had a sushi buffet and the best chocolate deserts!) and I all most fell asleep at Ølstuen! Haha

12 hours ago I was in the middle of the most impressive landscape I’ve ever experienced, today I’m back in my office in boring Vognmagergade!

Ayayay… when is the next affordable flight to the land of the Huldufólk?

…tonight I will hang out with my sailor boy and watch German MTV until we fall asleep! Yay! 🙂


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