A song for a bike

My bike is ugly, with lavender, white and silver details…
It’s old, it’s rusty, it makes strange noises…
People even comment on it’s ugliness…

I don’t love it, but I like it because it takes me from A to B, when no one else will!
Yesterday I had to take the S train from Valby to Nørreport to go to work – it took 50 minutes!!!

The reason I had to take the train? My bike is hanging on a street corner right now – my key broke off in the lock and it would cost 200 alone to open it (and it’s one of those extra safe ones, so you can’t just use a pair of over-sized scissors!) The bike didn’t cost anything, so I sure as hell won’t pay 400 kr to get it fixed up with a new lock!

I’m waiting for my first paycheck to roll in… I’m going to abandon the lavendered ugliness and buy a new bike! Yay!

Until then – trains…


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