CDeeees CDeeees

I’ve been Music shopping, YAY!

Last time I bough anything was… last year… jeeez!

Thank god my flat mates share my taste in music
I’m rich now, so here is what I HAD to buy:

Thom Yorke – The Eraser: I’ve been listening to Mikael’s Copy for a month now!

Prince – Musicology: It’s a classic – funky funky funky! I’ve been listening to it for a year… Joy wanted her copy back… I also had my sister copy some lullabies for tiny baby Kamma – everyone needs music!

The Knife – Deep Cut: I always think of transvestites dancing when listening to this one!

Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldiers: I liked the cover! Haha beat them up boys…

M Ward – Post War: Another proof of Joy’s influence on my music collection! It’s going to be in the mail on monday!

My ears are happy now…


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