Secret music

If you get the chance, go see The Ondt and the Gracehoper at Loppen tonight! The Music is a great mixture of indie and electronica, melancholic to the bones and perfect for dreaming your way out of too many things to do all the time! So I’m definitely going – If I can keep myself awake after staying up all night finishing my last exam before the new semester begins!
Also it appears all my friends have disappeared while I was busy working – everyone is busy or out of town!
I NEED HUMAN COMPANY, so please drop by tonight and help me restore my sanity!

It would probably make Troels happy as well…

Oh right – and from next week I will have a new flat mate. A german hippie-type jazz drummer called Wieland – does it get any weirder? At least we can drive Mikael crazy by talking german behind his back! Muahahaaaa

I have melancholic music stuck in my head… it won’t leave… I think The Ondt and the Gracehoper will have to replace Adore from the top of my all time fav melancholic list (it’s been there for a long time so that’s really something)!!!! Another guy to make me cry… hmm… that didn’t sound right! Haha
To make it sound even sadder – I was entertained by the bartender most of the evening (well… he’s an old friend of mine and I got free beer and coffee so that’s actually ok…)


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