Where did the Sun go?

So much to tell, so little time!

I went baby-spotting with Anne and Mette on a Sunday! Little Kamma is a tiny but healthy Baby with an enormous appetite! I was very impressed!

Sündja was supposed to arrive in the evening but got stuck on a campsite in Farum, because their car broke down… then another car broke down, so I had to wait for the next day to treat her with a huge brunch at B&J!

We went on a guided tour around the canals in Copenhagen! One of my friends works there and arranged for us to get on the boat for free! The perfect way to see all of Copenhagen without hurting your feet too much!

Paul came by again friday night after we both attended different concerts! I met Casper’s girlfriend and talked to his brother, Casper and co were on stage (a very tiny stage I may add! ;)! All in all a very enjoyable evening!

Monday I listened to The Dears with Kristina who came over from Århus! (She used to babysit for them, when she was in Canada)! The concert was one big surprise and I’m definitely going to buy their new album – as soon as it comes out! We went to McKluuds after wards and invited the band to join us – and got soaked on the way!! Yay! What a fun week!

From now on it’s going to be all work and no fun (well another concert tonight at Vega, but from tomorrow then…)
My shoulder is already giving me a hard time, but if we can manage another 11 – I’ll just chop it off after wards! 😉

That was it for now…


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