Friends August

This month is going to be sooooo packed!
Sündja is staying in Copenhagen from Sunday to Thursday, I’m going to share her with Anne, which is going to be just like in the old days – except Sündja is now pregnant, and we don’t hide in the attic with 3 different flavous of underground ice creme, skip out to sea in canoes or go horseback riding (or in my case horsearse riding ;)! Wow, that’s a long time ago…
Next friday Paul is visiting and staying until sunday! I might try to challenge his fear of heights again… all though he will probably hate me for it!

Odense Film Festival starts the week after and I’m probably going to visit my collaegue who is the director and go to some fancy festival dinner party or something… Monday and tuesday after that I’m working… thursday or friday my brother is visiting… friday I’ve invited him to Massive Attack, Cardigans, Under Byen and Spleen United (WOW what a combination!!) at Forum for his birthday! Between all that, I’m writing another exam with Kristin who leaves for Norway on the 26th… So I’m busy – but in a good way mostly!



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