Don’t Trash Love – Give Love to Trash

Roskilde is over and I’ve had my 20 hours of sleep, time for an update!

SO MUCH FUN! Now I remember why I used to go to festivals every year!

The only thing that wasn’t quite right this time was my camp. The people I used to camp with in the old days have found other (cheaper) festivals to go to! So this time I lived with a couple of right out of high school girls, which was fun, but a little annoying at times! They naturally attracted more 21 year olds than I would have liked to be entertained by, so I had to get away a couple of times to party with some real mature grown-ups… Haha

The weather was fantastic! We went swimming 7 times
The Music… Scissor sisters… Kaizers orchestra… one word! Amazing!

I also went to see and enjoyed Tool, Deftones, Seed, Wir Sind Helden, Sigur Ros, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Roger Waters, Ruben Ramos, Editors, Matisyahu, Morrissey, The Streets, Phoenix, Him, The Figurines, Mad Caddies, Wolfmother, The Raconteurs and probably a lot of other stuff that I can’t remember right now!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but 95% of the people I met where from other nordic countries… I believe I used to meet a lot more people from belgium, holland, germany, spain, england etc.!
Things change I suppose… maybe it’s because of the ticket prices! It’s ok though…

I promise to upload some pictures to my flickr account for you to enjoy later… right now I just need something warm to drink for my throat! (Acid-urine-dust and sweaty dancing in cold nights = bad! My throat still suffers!)

Talk to you later – I’m BBQ’ing with some friends in Søndermarken later, so I have to find some fish to put on the grill… yamnam!


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