This is June…

So this is how this next month is going to look like for me:

Friday 2nd: Last day at work, last day of going out!

Weekend: Fundraisers’ meeting with both SAMS Seminar and SAMSON
Prepare myself for one week of heavy writing…

5th to 8th: 9 to 5 every day! Meet Kristin at library! Write write write! Subject: Activist Filmmaker Erik Gandini

If I’m real good, I’m going to squeeze in the secret premiere of Princess on thursday! 😉

9th: Farewell Brunch at EDN and GeekDinner in Odense! (I just realized one of my old Højskole friends is going to attend – well, no surprise really – I have never met a greater geek! 😉

10th to 12th in Odense: Study, write, study, write, pick up books, study write, go back home to Copenhagen!

13th to 20th: Write write write! Subject: Cannibalism in the Cook the Thief His Wife and Her Lover

If I’m fantastic, I’ll take a night off and watch Dig! and Dance all Night!

19th: Deliver the Activist Filmmaker thingy… Uff

23th: Deliver “Praktikrapport”… Piece of Cake!

25th: Finish some un-done papers from december and post them! Piece of Cake!

Roskilde Festival here I come! 😀


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