Time is up!

Two more weeks and I’m supposed to blow the dust of my books and start writing again! I should probably keep up the 9 to 5 mentality and just get on with it! Sigh…

I’m also in the middle of organizing SAMS Seminar, which is a whole lot of work! But the good thing is, I get to know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff! ;D
The theme for this year’s seminar is social media… I guess I should start a real blog about this… hmmm, haha!

I just explained to my mom what “blogging” means – she had been completely clueless when this guy at some teachers seminar talked about using his blog. Hehe! 😉

I drank coffee with this german guy I met at Boost the Dox last year. He keeps asking me to move to Berlin and become a producer for him and his team at Graniza! In theory I would, but I’m really busy with things in Denmark – at least until November… hmm! Should be a nice opportunity, though!

On the other hand I almost just moved to Copenhagen! I think I’ld like to try living here for a while, before going back to Germany!


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