All is well! Cph here I come!

Yesterday I managed to find a place to live, a place to work and people to love! Everything is grrrrrreat!
I went to see the people at EDN (European Documentary Network) to talk about an internship! I loved them and they obviously loved me, because we talked for 1 hour and the smiles just kept getting bigger as we went along! I’m going to be in charge of EDNs tv-guide, which is a catalogue of all tv stations in Europe that deal with documentaries! Apart from that I’m going to work with Cecilie, who is the new artistic director of Odense Film Festival! In the end we talked about how SAMS (which I’m the director of btw) and EDN could make use of each other! Which is really great and fantaaaastic and -> 😀
After the meeting I went to look at some rooms in Valby, Nørrebro and the rest of Copenhagen! I’m gonna live in Valby 30 minutes (by bike) from my work, but with two really sweet guys that I already love. The room is nice and cheap and the apartment is situated just 2 minutes walk from the trainstation! I’m going to move to Cph for good in march! Until then I’m gonna finish up here in Odense, and work as much as I can! 😀


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