Guess the Movie:

I’m not joking! This text was actually copied from the backcover (of the chinese dvd version) of an american movie! If you guess which one, I’ll… marry you for being weird… or just brilliant!

Reorganize from the heart that the pull virtuous and original the “is dark”, is wave American soldier colonel for representative for pulling therowing the ten million of four years, making it first, describing more fighting a the United States captain of period receive ordering deeply into Cambodia bush, look foring first according to ground is king, and assassinate he. This wave the trip of the mission for pulling work of controversial war epic, borrowing from the United States captain, leading the audience experience successively a captivation, confusion with the long quest of actuality. Whoslicebush inside for of the most excitning place, is of work for can move poeple’s hearting, wave skill forpulling, cover with the gunfire of more fight, mold the hellish landscape of the human latter part. About, the hereafter’s war movie can all draw lessons from some feelings from here.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a brain melt down – it’s just chinesenglish!


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